Bauer IE100-TW-300 Breathing Air Compressor


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We are dealing in BAUER make HP Air Compressor-IE100-TW-300. This Air Compressor can use in filling Air Cylinder. Filling Capacity is 200 to 300 Bar.

Drive options available are:

i. Single Phase Electric Motor 230V 50Hz (different voltage/frequency not available)

ii. Three Phase Electric Motor 415V 50Hz (different voltage/frequency not available)

iii. 4-Stroke Petrol Engine (IE100 has Honda engine as compared to Robin/Subaru on PE100)

Clean breathing air: Thanks to advanced filter technology from BAUER, the IE100 comes with higher filtration system ‘P21’ on PE100.

Legendary reliability: Thanks to the world-proven compressor block of the IE 100

Very long maintenance intervals: They reduce compressor maintenance costs and downtimes to a minimum

Global BAUER sales force with more than 300 partners: Supplying spare parts and maintenance supplies in next to no time for many decades

The IE 100 is by far the smallest and lightest unit in the IE series.

Its possible uses are virtually unlimited: with three drive options (petrol, three-phase current and alternating current), it is suitable for use in all manner of different applications on land or in vehicles.

Ideal as a breathing air compressor for groups of divers and fire crews or for the rapid filling of cartridges for sport shooting and paintball.

In the petrol version it is even capable of operation in the most remote of locations without a power supply. With an AC drive, it is even suitable for connection to a standard domestic power supply.

This lightweight and compact unit is easy to transport and will fit in almost any car boot.

Dimensions on a very small scale and sophisticated technology make our most compact mobile breathing air compressor ideal for shipping, as a diving compressor, in respiratory applications, and as a compressor for paintball and sport shooting.

Specifications: IE 100 compressor, 225 – 330 bar, 100 l/min, high-pressure compressor for compressing air and breathing air

Type designation Effective free air delivery ¹ Drive Net weight Dimensions L × W × H

l/min Motor kW approx. kg cm

E 100-TW 100 Single phase 2.2 50 70 × 45 × 42