Gamo Portable PCP Compressor


The Gamo Portable PCP Compressor offers unparalleled convenience for PCP air gun enthusiasts. Say goodbye to cumbersome scuba tanks and manual pumping – this compact compressor is portable, equipped with a convenient handle, and compatible with 12V car batteries. Enjoy peace of mind with built-in safety features like a safety valve and pressure gauge, along with automatic pressure shutdown. With no need for water cooling or oil lubrication, maintenance is a breeze.


The Gamo Portable PCP Compressor redefines the experience for PCP airgun users, delivering unmatched convenience and performance. Designed for those who demand the utmost in ease of use and portability, this compressor eliminates the hassle of lugging around heavy scuba tanks or manually pumping guns every few shots.

Crafted with the user in mind, this compressor boasts a compact design and integrated handle, making transportation a breeze. Compatible with 12V car batteries, it ensures versatility and usability wherever your airgun adventures take you.

Safety is paramount, and the Gamo Portable PCP Compressor doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with a safety valve and pressure gauge, it provides peace of mind during operation. Plus, its automatic pressure shutdown feature adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding both the compressor and your equipment.

Maintenance is often a concern with such equipment, but with this compressor, upkeep is minimal. There’s no need for water cooling or oil lubrication, streamlining the maintenance process and allowing you to focus on what matters most – enjoying your PCP airgun to the fullest.

In summary, the Gamo Portable PCP Compressor is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer for PCP airgun enthusiasts. Experience the freedom to enjoy your hobby anywhere, anytime, without the burden of heavy equipment or manual labor. With its blend of portability, safety features, and low maintenance requirements, it sets a new standard for convenience and performance in the world of airgun compressors.

What’s in the Box?

Name Item Category Quantity
7mm Allen Wrench 1
5mm Allen Wrench 1
4mm Allen Wrench 1

Technical Specifications:

Power: 250W
Maximum Working Pressure: 320 Bars
Working Voltage AC 220V/110V or DC 12V
Motor Speed: 2700r/min
Work Volume: 72Db
Maximum Current: 24A
Air Output: 11L/min
UpDraft Velocity (0.5L from 200 Bar To 300 Bar): 6-7 mins
UpDraft Velocity (0.5L from 0 Bar To 300 Bar): 18-20mins
UpDraft Velocity (0.5L from 0 Bar To 200 Bar): 12-13min

Non-Technical Specifications

Water Seperation: Automatic Built in Water Separation using attached hose (Whle filling the cylinder, the moisturei s automatically removed to avoid rust and Lack of performance, damage to Regulator)
Low Maintainence: Oil Free Lubrication, No water needed for cooling
Automatic Pressure Control: High Pressure gas(0-320Bar) and low pressure gas (0-20mpa) can achieve accurate shutdown control to ensure Consistent and correct Pressure Output
Multivoltage Control: One machine for Both AC and DC; AC 220V/110V and DC 12V
Portability: Attached Handle, Low Weight, Easy to power using 12V car Battery, Winding Spool for easy cable management
Safety Valve: Built in Safety Valve and Pressure Gauge for Safe and effective use


Questions Answers
Can I use it Without Electricity? No we cannot use it without electricity , If we dont have electricity we can also use it with our 24V Car battery
How Much Effort is required? Yes, Compatible with any brand
Is it only compatible with Gamo Products? No, You can use it with any pcp rifles or pistols
Is it Genuine? We ourselves have imported these products directly from Gamo of Spain and Guarantee it’s Authenticity
Can I use with Car Battery Yes , You can use 12V car battery to use it anywhere
Does It Charge using Household Voltage? The product does not charge but it can be used with 220V mains




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