Junxing M81 Crossbow For Outdoor Target Shooting And Fishing



Product Description

The M81 Crossbow is the perfect companion for outdoor target shooting and fishing. With its lightweight design and comfortable grip, the M81 is easy to use and perfect for a day of outdoor fun.

Make outdoor target shooting and fishing a breeze with the M81 Crossbow! This quality crossbow features durable construction and adjustable draw weights to customize your shooting experience. Go become an ace outdoorsman with the M81 Crossbow!

Product Feature:

Experience the thrill of hunting and fishing with the M81 Crossbow.

Perfectly balanced for precision shooting, it adds power and affordability to your outdoor sporting experience.

Its durable build ensures reliability in any environment.

Product Specification:

Bow size: 34.25”*18.9”x

Bow weight: 8.6lbs

Power stroke: 16.54”

Draw weight:135lbs 150lbs 160lbs

Velocity: 340-380fps

Package includes:

1 x Cocking aid

1 x 3*32scope

3 x 20” carbon bolt

1 x Quiver

1 x Set of allen key

1 x manual book




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