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You can choose from our host of professional coaching package options – The Basic, Advanced and Practice Professional Shooting packs.

Professional Courses

Professional Courses

Whether you are curious about Rifle and Pistol shooting and you want to try out if 10m shooting is the right sport for you to play, or you are a serious shooter who already plays the game and is looking for some quality improvement in your game, we have something for you.

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Professional Courses

Casual Shooting

Interested in Shooting for Fun? Check out our Casual and Fun Shooting Packages for a great time for a shootout with your friends and family!

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Infrastructure Development

Top quality Shooting Ranges, Gyms, Obstacle Courses, Climb up Walls, Sports and Training Infrastructure.

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Past Event

7th Colonelz SharpShooterz 10M Air Rifle and Air Pistol Open Shooting Competition


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We offer quality training to young boys and girls.Our objective is to introduce children to the game of competitive 10m shooting and provide avenues to accelerate the development of talented young shooters.

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