Marksman® Flying Bird Mercedes Benz High Quality Stainless Steel Outdoor High Precision Target Shooting Game Competitive Sports


Full Description

HEAVY DUTY OUTDOOR SLINGSHOT: Stainless steel 301 grade for high strength & fine finish. Rust-resistant & durable. Perfect weight for stability. Includes 2 rubber bands, 50 mud beads & laser aimer. Wide rubber bands for most mud beads.

PERFECTLY TARGET AIMING: Aim precisely with leveler & laser aimer. Quick-release device makes rubber band install easy & secure. Easy to master even for beginners.

ERGONOMIC HANDLE DESIGN: Ergonomic handle design featuring a comfortable, antislip, nylon wrap with an ergonomic grip for stability during aiming.

GREAT OUTDOOR ENTERTAINMENT: Ideal for outdoor entertainment, competitions, fishing, etc. NOT for kids under 8; DO NOT point to humans/pets.

GIFT FOR SLINGSHOT LOVER: Ideal gift for outdoor & slingshot lovers. Practical & well crafted; perfect for collectors & beginners.


Enjoy the thrill of outdoor target shooting with this Mercedes Benz slingshot.

Its stainless steel construction ensures high precision accuracy.

Its lightweight construction makes it ideal for competitive sports.

Get ready for a thrilling game!

Product Specifications:

Model Number: Indian Slingshot Flying Bird / Benz

Slingshot Color: Silver

Slingshot Height: 118 mm

Slingshot Outer Width: 84 mm

Slingshot Inner Width: 42 mm

Slingshot Head Width: 20 mm

Slingshot Weight: 235 Grams

Slingshot Material: 304 Stainless Steel + Sweat-Absorbent Hemp Rope

Package Includes:

1 x Flying Bird High Precision Stainless Steel Slingshot Frame

1 x Slingshot Horizontal 90 degree Level Sight

1 x Aiming Laser Pointer

1 x Allen key

1 x Best 0.80mm 20cm length powerful Rubber Band(20x12x200)

1 x Best 1.0mm 20cm length powerful Rubber Band(20x12x200)

1 x 30 Pieces of 8mm High Carbon Steel Ammo

1 x Best 0.7mm 24cm length Butterfly Rubber Band For Your Trial

For Steel Ammo, please click here

For more Power Flat Bands, Please click here

For more Slingshot Customizations and other queries, Please call / WhatsApp us here

Benefits of Using a Slingshot :

Slingshots are Lightweight.

Slingshots are Affordable and Inexpensive shooting sports fun.

Instant Availability to Shoot.

Easy to use and pocket or backpack friendly.

Very good product learn to aim and helps as aiming product.

Perfect for collections and gifts.

This sport will increase the concentration power of your brain.

Safety Warnings :

Please pay more attention to safety, Children should be under the supervision of Parents/Adults.

Don’t shoot at people, it’s dangerous!

Please use it in a blank space or open playground with a length of 300 meters * 300 meters.

Products used for illegal activities are strictly prohibited.

Please DO NOT aim at people, pets, windows or cars/vehicles etcs.

Wear gloves for long time use is better.

Use Helmet for better production.


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