SOUL-EATER – Chain Driven Slingshot Mini Crossbow (350 FPS)



Full Description

Got some demons to slay? Then you may well need the ‘Soul Eater’ Mini Crossbow. It’s doubtful that we could have picked a more fitting name.

This hybrid slingshot / crossbow features a unique ‘tank’ style chain mechanism that can shoot both 8mm ball bearings as well as crossbow bolts. The main body is made from a nylon composite to keep the weight down.

Product Feature:

SOUL-EATER is a powerful chain-driven slingshot crossbow made for adventurous outdoor enthusiasts.

It provides easy use, easy portability, and exciting shooting power you can take with you anywhere.

Enjoy a new level of shooting power with SOUL-EATER!

Product Specification:

Magazine capacity: 26 x 8mm ball bearings

350 fps (8mm, 2.04g steel bearings)

260 fps (8mm crossbow bolts / arrows)

Weight (unloaded): 1.2kg / 2.7 lbs

Dart Length: 7.5 cm

Dart Diameter: 8cm

Dart Weight: 9g

Bow String Length: 43 cm

Bow String Diameters: 3.5 cm

Bow String Material: 12 Strands Dacron

Material: Metal / High Quality Hard Fiber Plastic

Rail Size: 2.1cm

Includes a tool kit and some spare accessories


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